By God's Blessing Tim Lucas Custom Woodworks LLC
By God's BlessingTim Lucas Custom Woodworks LLC

2018 Kitchen Makeover 


Blessings to Ms Diane & Mr Frank as the Lord allows us to update there kitchen!



By our Lords fathfull blessings, we are looking to bless someone in our community with a kitchen makeover. So, if you or someone you know needs to bring their kitchen back to

use-ability so they can cook for the family, please fill out our registration form and

turn it in to one of our partners. 


(Please be sure to thank them for partnering with us to make this possible). 


Only one registration per home is needed


Gilchrist County, Florida only - You must own and live in the home


Our Partners :


Current 2018 Kitchen Makeover Team: 

Tim Lucas Custom Woodwork  /  LIVE-WELL HOMES 

Gilchrist Building Supply  /  Trenton Hardware & Farm Supply  /  Grace ReStore

Would you like to join us and make this Blessing possible ?

Contact Tim Lucas @ 386-288-2836


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